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I first started working with Aimee in 2018. My lifestyle consisted of huge amounts of alcohol/drugs and a diet containing very little nutrition. Fast forward to two years later and I am a completely different person. Aimee has been in integral part of my recovery and desire for a healthier new outlook on life, her infectious energy and extreme dedication to what she does has allowed me to enjoy so many more aspects of life.

Aimee is a wonderful insightful trainer with extraordinary talent and perception essential to working one on one with a training client. Her knowledge of cardio and weight training from her direct experience is unique as is her profound knowledge of nutrition.

Aimee has a remarkable blend of expertise, professionalism, compassion and fun. I would absolutely recommend her services to my friends and family. I’ve tried many ways over the years to get healthy and lose weight but I have been most successful when working with Aimee. Thank you so much.

I had the pleasure of coaching Aimee on her journey to eventually become one of the top 3 fitness physique competitors in the world! She is bright, motivated, passionate, disciplined and always striving to improve. More importantly she installs these same qualities in the client’s and people she interacts with. Aimee is one of most exciting and promising fitness professionals within the industry.

I’ve worked with a number of coaches in the past but never enjoyed any as much as Aimee. She’s extremely knowledgeable in mindset coaching, nutrition and training, so is able to provide a great holistic approach. She keeps me motivated with encouragement and progress check-ins, and her own success in her fitness career is a great inspiration.

Aimee is a fantastic coach and pushes you hard. She knows how to get the best out of you and has excellent knowledge around mindset and nutrition. If you want results, then Aimee is the one for you, as long as you are willing to work hard.

Aimee is a fantastic coach and truly inspirational. She is an athlete who embodies her passion and helps you to achieve your goals. She is always happy to provide advice, whether it be on nutrition, exercises, mindset or general lifestyle; and she does so with a big smile on her face and a great mood!

 Just a short note to say that i have just come out of a 6 week programme with Aimee Buchler. I am usually quite grounded and without wishing to go over the top about anyone, may i say my training sessions with Aimee has been quite empowering and given me a new lease of life – Her attention to detail and form when carrying out my exercises while intensive, has also been hugely rewarding – her utter belief and faith in the mind-muscle concept when performing my reps has been a revelation to me.

Ultimately, Aimee is a healer. Whether it be through physical, spiritual, emotional, nutritional guidance, she will listen + learn and tailed a programme just for you that focuses on your specific area in need. With zero judgement and full compassion, she will inspire and help you reach your best self. She has genuine love, care and so much knowledge for her work and has completely transformed the way I think about health. She has transformed my connection to my mind, body and heart. Aimée is a true source of love and light!

Aimee is THE most focused personal trainer I have ever had. Whenever I am too tired to train, I never succeed in distracting her attention by my chat. She’s not just clocking in and collecting a pay like many trainers.

Aimée is absolutely the best! The physical result is a result of the mental transformation that I went through with Aimée. She taught me how to train, how to have an awesome relationship with food and how to incorporate the gym into my life as something is look forward to and not dread! I can’t wait to see what the next 7 months brings

"I'm privileged to work with the biggest brands, celebrities and leaders on the planet. From the moment I met Aimee 4 years ago - I knew she was world class. Her energy, dedication and first class execution are simply phenomenal.  Aimee shares everything that she learns in the most kind, inspiring and loving of ways.  She has already achieved so much at such a tender age.  I'm so excited about this next chapter for Aimee - she is well on her way the top. Without a doubt Aimee is one of the most special and talented people I know - these are such exciting times!"