Hello and thank you for being here! Let us tell you a bit about Aimée, how she works and why she has such a deep passion for what she does.

About Aimée

Aimée Buchler is a wellness specialist who has been influential and impacted an audience of over a million as a personal trainer & lifestyle coach, via worldwide bodybuilding competitions and within the dance community. Aimée’s main focus is to empower individuals to reach their full potential when it comes to their mental and physical wellbeing. Her holistic methods focus on educating the individual on the language of movement and body sculpting, understanding and enjoying the depths of nutrition, becoming aware of lifestyle choices and habits, and allowing them to connect to themselves in a deeper and more impactful way. Aimee believes that it is through these experiences that one can experience the true depths of of joy and appreciation for life.

“When you know who you really are you know what to do, when to do it and how to do it”

Since the age of 16, Aimee felt a strong connection to empower others on their journey of self discovery. It is through much exploration, experience and various practices of her own that she that she can help nurture the individual to connect to a greater level of self value and understanding.

“When things change inside you, they change around you”

Move · Eat · Connect

“Knowledge is not power, but applied knowledge is power”

Aimée’s skills include an array of successes as a young woman. She is an award winning dancer, 3x gold medalist & top 3 world champion bikini bodybuilder, transformation coach, meditation teacher and naturopathic nutritionist in training (to be completed in 2021). Aimee has spent the last few years exploring the various holistic approaches that combine movement, nutrition, mental health and spirituality and has concluded that not only are they all intertwined but when combined and put to work they can lead us to take on a new perspective on life. Our sense of happiness and understanding of the ‘self’ are explored, challenged and evolved.

Aimée has and continues to learn and explore deeply about the mind, body and the depths of ones health whilst using reference points from various different teachers from around the world. She goes on to apply these methods and teachings to herself and her clients.

Qualifications & Awards

“Discipline is commitment to decisions”

• NCSF personal training certification

• 3x Gold medallist for WBFF and PCA

• CPD & IMMA Meditation and mindfulness certification

• GNC, ANP & NNA Naturopathic Nutrition diploma (2021)

• The Place Theatre dance award

• Margot Fontaine award in ballet